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Goals and Objectives

The Public Council of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation is a constant sitting consultative body of public control.

A main activity of the council does not require appropriation of government funds.

The Public Council of FAS is intended to secure consideration of interests and needs of Russian public, civil rights and freedoms, as much as rights and freedoms of private associations during the realization of state policy within the context of FAS activities, along with an order to implement public control for service’s work.

The purpose of the Public Council is a carrying-out public control over the Federal Antimonopoly Service’s activity, including reviewing of drafts of socially significant regulatory legal acts; participation in the oversight of providing state services, as well as in the process of realization of anti-corruption and personnel work. The council is also taking part in the assessment of government procurement efficiency. Besides it consider the annual plans of activities of FAS and the report on their execution along with other issues as provided for by existing legislation.

Sessions of the Public Council of FAS are held at least once a quarter.